Jerry Haney is a former Xerox and Marion Laboratories executive and author of Making Culture Pay – Solving the Puzzle of Organizational Effectiveness.  He is the founder and president of Visionomics Inc.  Visionomics is a speaking, training and consulting practice whose purpose is to enable organizational leaders at any level of any organization to maximize the performance of their organization, thereby enabling it to live up to its full potential.  These high performance workplace cultures have three distinct characteristics:

  • Consistently high, bottom-line performance
  • The ability to attract, motivate and retain top talent
  • The ability to appropriately adapt to changing conditions


During Jerry’s Making Culture Pay presentation, the leaders at every level of any organization will: 

  • Learn to understand, appreciate and accept their individual role as a cultural or subcultural leader and become truly excited about that role
  • Learn the characteristics of high performance workplace cultures
  • Be introduced to the six critical elements of workplace cultural excellence
  • Have the opportunity to quickly assess the current strengths and weaknesses of their own workplace culture or subculture
  • Discover an effective process that can be used to build a truly high performance workplace


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